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She didn’t dare to think too deeply about that disgraceful matter, so she turned her head around and asked instead: “How did you find this hiding place?”

You could say that this place was simply an ideal position; so how had this junior brother found this place in the dark?

Kai Yang replied while grinning: “When you previously left me alone, I searched the nearby area and accidentally found this place. Back then, I hadn’t thought this place would turn out to be a lifesaver.”

“This is truly too lucky.” Xia Ning Chang said while sighing.

“You should have a good rest. As soon as things calm down, I will take you out of here.”

Xia Ning Chang looked gloomy as he said this. She shook her head and slowly, said: “We can’t leave this place.”

“Doesn’t everything depend on one’s skills and effort, so how are we unable to leave here?” Kai Yang chuckled.

“Since I unsealed the Nine Cloud Eight Locks, this entire mountain valley has been sealed off. Before dawn, no one will be able to escape from here.”

Kai Yang froze, realising the meaning of her words: “When you left me, it was to prepare this formation?”

Xia Ning Chang nodded slightly: “I wanted to use this formation to deal with the Nine Yin Dew Crystals, but I was forced to activate it before the scheduled time.”

“Where those black chains the result of the formation?” Kai Yang asked as he recalled the scene that had occurred moments ago.


“They wouldn’t have been killed by it already, would they?” Kai Yang questioned hopefully. If all of those powerhouse died, then they could certainly escape this time.

Xia Ning Chang shook her head, “No, this formation is unable to kill them; those people are no weaklings. This formation will only be able to eliminate one or two of them, those with the lowest strength among them, at most.”

“That’s not too bad either.” Kai Yang secretly thought to himself that it was a pity.

“It’s just………although it is unable to kill them, with all the Yin Qi from the chains invading their body, most of their strength will be sealed. And before dawn they will be unable to unseal themselves and restore their strength. I also think that before dawn, I will be able to recover some of my Qi, then we will be able to escape together.”

Suddenly Kai Yang’s eyes were filled with aggressiveness, he looked at Xia Ning Chang and asked in an excited voice: “You said their cultivations were sealed, how much of their power was sealed?”

Xia Ning Chang thought for a moment: “At least 60-70%. For that powerhouse at the true elemental boundary, it should be around 80%.”

“So that means they won’t be able to display their destructive might.” Kai Yang looked excited and was filled with an urge to test himself and his limits.

Xia Ning Chang looked at him nervously: “What are you thinking about? Even if their strength has been sealed, you won’t be able to deal with them, so junior brother please do not act rashly.”

She had seen through what Kai Yang was thinking.

Kai Yang chuckled, his eyes hiding a hint of mischief, he replied: “How will we know if we don’t try? Don’t forget, this is the place where the Nine Yin Dew Crystals gather. Not only are their cultivations sealed, but in order to resist the invasion of Yin Qi, they will need to use World Qi. So as time passes they will gradually become weaker and weaker.”

“But there are so many of them!” Xia Ning Chang grabbed Kai Yang’s hand and shook her head repeatedly: “Don’t be hasty!”

Kai Yang patted her hands gently: “Relax, I have confidence. If we continue to hide here, sooner or later we will be discovered. At that time, we will become turtles that have been flipped onto their backs, who can only wait for death. If we take the initiative and attack, then perhaps we will have a small chance.”

“No way.” Xia Ning Chang shook her head like a rattle-drum: “I am your senior sister, so you must listen to me. If you go out now, you won’t have any way to resist; the Yin Qi in the Valley will be enough to consume your World Qi.”

(TLN: Rattle drums are toys that Chinese children play with. You shake side to side, to make the little balled drum on the drum. It’s actually quite amusing.)

“Little senior sister, if you want to live, then please don’t stop me. You also saw that Long Hui’s mentality and you should know what fate lies in store for you if you fall into his hands.”

Xia Ning Chang’s body trembled fiercely.

“Since this is the case, do not block me.” Kai Yang shook off Xia Ning Chang’s hand.

“If you are this insistent on going out, then at least take this treasure with you.” Xia Ning Chang said helplessly. If Kai Yang wanted to leave, she wouldn’t be able to stop him with her present strength. She could only hand over the jade pendent.

“You need this more than me.” Kai Yang said rejecting her flatly. “You shouldn’t be worried about me. Although I am only at the initial element fourth stage, I still possess a method to restore my World Qi, and the Yin Qi in this mountain valley cannot affect me. On the contrary, if someone was able to find this place, would you be able to fend them off?”

“I have already restored some of my World Qi, so I will be able to activate the defensive artifact again. Furthermore, with their true strength already suppressed, they won’t able to threaten me.” Xia Ning Chang said.

“That’s a relief!” Kai Yang slowly walked towards the exit.

Restraining himself for so long, he was finally going to be able to get some action going. Kai Yang looked quite ferocious.

After walking a few steps Kai Yang suddenly stopped, then whispered: “Little senior sister, if by dawn I don’t come back, then return to Sky Tower as soon as possible.”

Xia Ning Chang’s heart clenched, an indescribable pain spread throughout her heart.

Kai Yang smiled at her and reassured her: “If I come back, will you promise me one thing?”

“Promise you what?” Xia Ning Chang asked, enduring the pain in her heart.

“When I come back, I will tell you it.” Kai Yang said chuckling. Exiting the cave sideways, he descended towards the bottom of mountain. Coming out, he covered the crevice behind him. After checking that everything had been covered properly, he disappeared into darkness.

Leaving behind Xia Ning Chang alone in that desolate cave.

There were still three or four hours remaining until dawn would arrive, while there were a lot of enemies for him to take care of in this time. This sure would be a difficult fight.

In the forest, some people were moving about at high speeds. Listening to the sound of the footsteps, it sounded like there was two people. Kai Yang hid behind a big tree, calmly waiting for them to draw closer.

He had no idea which group that pair belonged to nor their cultivation levels. So for the time being, he could only observe them and then plan accordingly.

If the two of them were strong, he could only avoid them and wait for the first sign of weakness.

As the sound of the footsteps got closer, someone spoke up: “Senior brother Xiong, where did they go? We have looked for them for so long yet are still unable to find them.”

Another voiced replied: “Junior brother, you should not be worried. Senior brother Nu and those brutes from the Blood Group are also searching, so Kai Yang will not be able to hide for long. We are only putting on a front, and perhaps right as we speak, they have already found Kai Yang and that female.

The disciple nodded: “It’s just a pity, that girl really is a beauty. Falling into the hands of Long Hui; I don’t want to imagine how she will be played with.”

Brother Xiong sneered: “Long Hui is a sex maniac and doomed to not have any great achievements. In the future when we become stronger, we will have our good times.”

While he was speaking, a figure had suddenly appeared a few feet in front of the Storm House disciples. Stopping suddenly, senior brother Xiong shouted: “Who’s there?”

A light chuckle could be heard from the side: “Aren’t you looking for me?”

“Kai Yang!” Brother Xiong became overjoyed; for in such a hopeless situation, bumping into Kai Yang without even setting a trap sure was lucky. Now they wouldn’t have to waste any effort attempting to draw him out.

(TL: What? A Kai Yang is something you hunt? A rare hunt? Ohh look, it’s a Kai Yang! Spawn rate of 0.001%! Lucky us~)

Brother Xiong became excited, Kai Yang was also happy.

From their conversation earlier Kai Yang knew of their statuses; the Storm House group consisted of five people. Except for Nu Lang, who was at the qi transforming first stage the remaining four disciples were all at the initial element stages.

Cultivators of this level, Kai Yang didn’t fear at all.

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