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In the space between them their hands became locked together. Kai Yang’s fist had violently attacked Nu Lang’s hands, but they had both caught each other’s attack and interlocked fingers to prevent the other from retreating.

At this moment, World Qi from both of them simultaneously burst out, fiercely colliding within their palms.

“What?” Nu Lang was astonished. He discovered that Kai Yang’s World Qi was more overbearing than his own and he wasn’t able to resist it for a long time.

How is this possible? The difference between their strength was so large, it was impossible for Kai Yang to be a threat to him. But looking at the facts in front of him it looked like he couldn’t afford to be careless.

If he refused to back down now, perhaps his fingers would be burnt to a crisp.

Thinking about this Nu Lang hurriedly withdrew, jumping back several feet. While he was withdrawing he hastily dissolved the Kai Yang’s burning hot World Qi which was invading his body.

Looking at Kai Yang, Nu Lang became even more surprised because his move had failed to break even one of Kai Yang’s fingers.

Although Kai Yang’s fingers had holes in them, it hadn’t gone as planned, with the grasp a moment ago he should have been able to crumble Kai Yang’s fist.

This boy…….really has some methods. No wonder my brothers were all killed by him. Looks like it wasn’t just luck after all, Nu Lang was forced to become serious.

Kai Yang shook his fist, after looking down at his hands, when he lifted his head his eyes contained even more excitement and anticipation.

The uncertainty as to the outcome of this battle, had made his blood boil with excitement, feeling the pain from his wound, feeling the pressure from the enemy, all of this had made Kai Yang’s Indomitable Will to awaken.

The unyielding will to win and determination to rise, only this would lead to the awaking of his mysterious martial arts.

Finally, the moment had come.

Kai Yang didn’t need to suppress his strength anymore.

From deep within his bones a boiling hot strength flowed into Kai Yang. With this power Kai Yang felt like a whole new person.

Previously he had always accidentally triggered his Indomitable Will. During those times he would become a little perplexed, because even though he would win he didn’t understand the reason for his win, it would also leave any nearby people bewildered.

But this time it was different, he could feel a huge quantity of energy pouring out from his bones into his meridians, nourishing his flesh and blood, promoting his strength crazily.

“Come again!” Kai Yang was like an apex predator in the jungle. His eyes were staring at Nu Lang stubbornly, Kai Yang shot forward like a bullet while punching out.

It was a basic punch just like the one moments ago.

“Courting Death!” Nu Lang sneered, although he was surprised by Kai Yang’s World Qi, based on Kai Yang’s strength he wouldn’t be able to hurt him. As long as he is able to receive his fist and dissolve his World Qi it would be impossible for him to get injured.

Kai Yang will once again be injured by me, just like a moment ago, only this time his whole fist will be crushed. It could be said that Kai Yang had chosen quite the rash method. Nu Lang looked confident in his ability to win this exchange.

Sneering, Nu Lang caught Kai Yang’s fist just like the previous time.

In the second confrontation, Nu Lang felt that something was not quite right, because the might of Kai Yang’s fist had become greater than the punch a moment ago, the World Qi it contained had also become fiercer than before.

Kai Yang’s strength suddenly reached the initial element fifth level.

But how was this possible? Be it practitioners at the initial element fourth level or fifth level, in his eyes they were like commoners, they couldn’t threaten him, rather they can simply be killed with little effort.

In this confrontation the injury on Kai Yang’s hand was becoming more serious. Blood dripped and Kai Yang moved back. Nu Lang was in hot pursuit, his fingers were cutting through the air with a howling sound, in the darkness Nu Lang was attacking Kai Yang repeatedly.

Kai Yang was silently dodging Nu Lang’s attacks. While Nu Lang was attacking Kai Yang was countering with his fists, left fist then right fist in a rhythmic manner. Although the injuries on his hands were not light he was still able to block all of Nu Lang’s attacks. He couldn’t let Nu Lang have a chance to take his life.

Dull thumping sounds rang out in the dark night one after another, with each sound Kai Yang’s body would fall back several steps. The injury on his hand was becoming more and more serious.

But his eyes didn’t show the slightest hint of panic, but rather carried a determination, a will to win this fight had been born in his heart, he was simply waiting for the right moment to attack.

“How is this even possible?” Nu Lang had become completely shocked, however at present it seemed like Nu Lang had the upper hand. After all he was an entire boundary higher when compared to Kai Yang, if he was still unable to gain the upper hand then he had practiced these many years in vain.

Nu Lang swallowed his spit; his ten fingers had been burnt by Kai Yang’s hot World Qi. Each of his fingers had been covered in blisters. His fingers felt like they were constantly on fire. Since one’s fingers are connected to one’s heart, moving his fingers made his heart become cold due to the pain.

If it was only this much then Nu Lang wouldn’t be shocked. What truly shocked him was the strength of Kai Yang.

In their first confrontation Kai Yang was merely a trivial initial element fourth level practitioner, such a level wasn’t sufficient to make him fear.

But during their second confrontation he had achieved initial element fifth level.

In the fourth clash his strength had increased yet again, he had reached the initial element sixth level.

The seventh clash, he reached the initial element seventh level.

In the twelfth clash, he reached the initial element eighth level.

As he continues to fight, his strength continues to increase, which is a very sly, unique and unimaginable thing.

Moreover this rise in strength was showing no signs of stopping.

Nu Lang had become dismayed; he didn’t know that Kai Yang could increase his strength nor to what degree he could. If he continued and reached the Qi transforming stage, he couldn’t hope to win, because the World Qi of Kai Yang was too overbearing.

After a joss stick time had passed, Nu Lang had realised he was unable to directly confront Kai Yang. Nu Lang was not a dull witted person, with each confrontation Kai Yang’s body was becoming steadier, he was now as steady as a rock, standing in same place motionless. On the contrary, after each strike Nu Lang was suffering greater and greater amounts of backlash.

Nu Lang could only use his agility and his flexible style, to look for a weakness in Kai Yang, attempting to strike Kai Yang a fatal blow.

But the defense of Kai Yang was simply overbearing, so much so that no weakness could be found.

Initial element ninth level! Nu Lang’s eyes trembled. He discovered that along with each confrontation, Kai Yang’s strength really did climb to another level; it had climbed directly to the peak of the initial element boundary.

But with this his World Qi finally calmed down, it no longer continued to increase. With this Nu Lang could finally let out a sigh of relief.

Although he was only at the Qi transforming stage first level, which was just one level higher compared to the initial element peak, this small gap of just one level represented a large gap in terms of strength.

Therefore Nu Lang had confidence in being able to strike a fatal blow against Kai Yang.

He increased his strength by eating a compounding drug, which one he didn’t know. But no matter which compounding drug he ate, there certainly would be consequences. Kai Yang was originally at the initial element stage fourth level thus, his current storage capacity of World Qi was still limited to this, he was unable to store the same quantity of World Qi as someone truly of the initial element peak level. Nu Lang just needed to wait for Kai Yang’s strength to be used up and then he would be able to strike a fatal blow.

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